Over 20 years of market-leading geospatial imagery solutions for vegetation mapping and monitoring

Reliable, repeatable and accurate remote sensing data is a critical element for vegetation monitoring programmes and decision support systems.

Since 2001 SpecTerra has been providing clients the highest resolution airborne multispectral data available - at the scale required - for conservation and natural resource projects, mining and infrastructure, crop and farm management.


To discuss the scope of your project and vegetation monitoring requirements, from data acquisition to image processing, down-stream analyses and costing, contact us on:
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Image data acquisition 

Servicing clients with Australia-wide coverage and a network of international partners, SpecTerra enables rapid deployment to survey sites of various scales and layout: broad-scale, multiple dispersed areas and complex corridors.

Data processing and geo-analytics

Exploiting in-depth expertise and innovative machine-vision tools, SpecTerra converts geospatial imagery and GIS data into measurable and actionable information.

Geospatial consulting

SpecTerra have over 20 years experience in the development and deployment of airborne imaging systems and data provision services. If you plan on implementing a geospatial imagery program, we can help you.




A market-leading imagery solution from SpecTerra's proprietary sensing instruments and acquisition system.

Four narrowband spectral channels


  • Higher resolution and signal-to-noise ratio than the nearest competing satellite products

  • From 0.1m to 0.8m resolution raw multispectral data

  • Standard formats include [NIR, Red, Green, Blue] and [NIR, Red-edge, Red, Green]. Custom bands for specific research projects available on request.

Ultra-high resolution RGB imagery


  • Precisely co-registered and four times the resolution of the multispectral product

Height modelling derivatives


  • Digital photogrammetry derived vegetation feature height models with LiDAR comparability

The airborne solution


  • Guaranteed cloud free, flexible survey areas and sizes - broad or multiple dispersed areas, corridors

  • Nadir observations and repeatable sun angles, highly recommended for repeat surveys and change monitoring


Mangrove ecosystem change monitoring, Pilbara region of Western Australia





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